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The icons to the left are direct links, simply double click to be magically transported.

On the Patreon Channel you'll find the most recent films we've made and published on-line. The Patreon platform is a subscription channel where supporters can add as little as £5 a month to our production costs to help us build our technical and instructional video library. Presently we're producing well over an hour of film a month.


The Patreon channel is also where you're most likely to be able to ask questions of Ford as he's unable to personally deal with all enquiries, everywhere, and all of the time. He's only human, after all...

"Ford Hallam's Japanese Metalwork Channel" on YouTube hosts a variety of  films of both Ford's own working processes and a few other Japanese traditional artists. 

'Following the Iron Brush' is the name of the forum that Ford set up and administers. It deals with all the practical aspects of traditional Japanese metalwork art and some related crafts.

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