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Dragon fuchi kashira set in iron.


This is a set I made a couple of months ago. It's not often I can carve out ( unavoidable pun ;-) ) some time to make something for myself and this is part of my ongoing exploration of a more dynamic and direct sculpting approach.


I'm very much inspired by painters like Nakagawa Rosetsu and his powerful and suggestive brushstrokes. This dragon is my interpretation of one of his.


The set is in iron with inlaid gold and shakudo (the pupils) details. The tenjo-gane, where I've signed it, is copper.


The set will come in a custom made fitted box or, if you'd like to mount them on a sword, I will alternatively provided a pair of gilded and crenelated seppa. The length of the fuchi is 41mm and is suitable to be mounted on a katana.



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