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This is list of various sites that represent people I've worked with, who have done work for me

or are just really good.​ You only need to click on their names to visit their web-sites.

Brad Schaffer - Film Maker.​​

If you enjoyed 'Utsushi' and a few of my other films you have Brad to thank. I've been hugely fortunate to work with him.  He continually impresses me with his  insights in to the work I do and his ability present it so sensitively.


Junko Azukawa - Japanese Calligrapher

Junko is the lady who created the calligraphy you can see on the 'contact' page. An absolute pleasure to work with and a consummate professional. Junko also does inscriptions on 'kiri-bako'

Hishio Arts Centre _ Katsuyama, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

It was here that I was artist in residence for 3 weeks in 2006. It was a very special time for me and where I really began to properly understand my place in the traditions continuum. Here's a link to a short piece I wrote about my stay there.


The Nihonto Message Board - Japanese Sword Discussion Forum

Probably the most helpful on-line resource if you're new to the world of 'Nihon-to'. Administrated by fellow South African (he likes to think I'm South African anyway) Brian Robinson and with a wealth of knowledge and experience generously offered by the regular members. You'll find me there sometimes too.

Nihonto Bunka Shinko Kyokai (NBSK) - Foundation for the promotion of Japanese Sword Culture

This is the organization who were kind enough to award me a gold prize this year for one of my tsuba. If you scroll down their page you'll even catch a glimpse of me at the award ceremony.




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