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A hand forged copper set of Higo style fuchi kashira and tsuba decorated with pure gold raised wire inlay in an arabesque pattern. The kashira features shakudo lined shitodome. The patina sealed with baked ki-urushi (raw Japanese lacquer) These are katana sized and the fuchi is 41.5mm long. Supplied with matching kuromido seppa. 


If, at any point in the slide show, you'd like to see a closer view simply click on that image to get an enlarged image.


Forged copper tsuba inspired by the 17th cent. Higo artists Nishigaki Kanshiro and Hirata Hikozo. Apart from the more usual patination processes I use I have now begun to work with baked raw urushi to seal and protect the patina. This adds further depth to the tones and makes the finish more durable. My own research leads me to believe this was a fairly typical approach in the past. This is standard katana size at 78mm high. Sold

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